Goodbye Grandpa Gloudeman

Today the Lord called Grandpa G home… He has been in the hospital since last Monday (for some issues with his breathing and his lungs, a small tear and leakage of fluid) but it was anticipated that he would return home today or tomorrow. I’m still not sure the details of what happened but in the end, God had bigger plans for Him.
I wasn’t too close to him as he was a pretty reclusive man since I have met him, however, he always had such a warm, comforting smile on his face (despite the discomfort I hear he has been in for the past several months) and it seemed as though there was “more than meets the eye” about him.  He will be missed greatly especially by his adoring wife Martha “Gigi”.
Please keep him and his loved ones in your prayers.

God of faithfulness, in Your wisdom You have called Your servant Richard out of this world; release him from the bonds of sin, and welcome him into Your Presence, so the he may enjoy eternal light and peace and be raised up in glory with all Your saints. Amen.

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  1. omg i didnt even realize she was married!! I never saw him at any of your events. But it is really sad nonetheless…not even a warning (although as you and I know, sometimes a warning isnt very comforting either). My prayers for Dean's gma and the fam!

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