Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un

Despite what those boys may say, 
it really doesn’t take much to please us this day. 
Some simple accessories assure a fabulous time…
It does wonders for our soul,
without even spending a dime.
If we’re down & out, 
some great food and drink is sure to do the trick
And don’t get offended when time with our girlfriends is our #1 pick.
Oh the joys of the sisterhood, you will never fully understand,   
What a gift, what a blessing, a perfect design by God’s hand!

2 Responses to Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un

  1. Oh how badly I want you to have a BOY next time! Boys would NOT be sitting so nicely in that pool of yours ; ) BUT from what I hear, boys are more than willing to play dress up with their older sisters. Hehe! Fun day!

  2. hehe, me too! I'd LOVE to experience that new world out there of BOYS!!! Well, I should've posted a pic of her sliding down on her stomach face 1st, crashing into the water, crying, etc etc. That was the ONLY 1 of about 20 where they were ALL sitting still! =)

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