Family Work Day

Just a typical Saturday at the Soto house:
Daddy keeping our technological assets in tip top shape, doing some repair & upgrade to Spicy’s computer and including a lot of teaching along the way. I’m proud to brag that our 3 year old now has power supply, motherboard, and hard drive as part of her ongoing vocabulary. It really is amazing to see her interest and patience (which is a rarity) in these types of things…
As for me, it felt as though I hardly left the kitchen today. Just when I was finished cleaning up dishes from breakfast, it was time to prepare lunch! Often times I do feel like I work in a restaurant as a waitress taking orders, a bus girl transporting dishes to and fro and a chef whipping up healthy meals and snacks but when I gaze upon my 3 jewels, it’s hard to complain (or at least, out loud, hee hee)

Besides, I get plenty of lovin’ fun to mix it up

 I am so thankful for my family and the traditions we are building!

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  1. yup and I was just about to spray paint it black (it came blue) bc it's such an eye "sore" spot in the room but after your comment, I'm reconsidering 😉 hehe.

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