You’re Funny

As I was sorting through the photos and videos I have uploaded recently, I ran across a short video clip I had forgotten about. As I was viewing it, I started laughing so hard it peaked daddy’s curiosity. When I showed it to him, he was belly laughing, harder than I have heard in awhile… He said “you gotta post that!” And so, here it is…

A couple other funnies to document for the family book:
  • A conversation I had with Spicy A:
(pinching Sweet G’s leg as I was taking her out of the swing causing some mild crying)
M: I’m so sorry Genevieve. You’re okay. Do you forgive me? 
(no response, obviously)
(a little bit later after scolding Spicy for pouring water in her pasta thinking assuming she was playing with her food which has become a very recent common occurrence obsession, when in fact, she was cooling it off)
M: I’m sorry Alizea, I thought you were playing but you were just trying to cool off your food weren’t you? That’s a very good idea. Will you forgive me? 
A: Yup and Genevieve forgives you too!
  • Not too surprisingly, A tripped as she was running (because she only knows one speed) and fell pretty good chafing her upper lip pretty good (thank goodness no split lip, broken teeth or stitches). Well, the ‘chafeness’ very much resembles the infamous stache of the evil dictator of the early 40’s. Bapa and daddy have fun calling her Adolf. Silly Guys!
  • Ever since she was a baby, Spicy has used her hair (in addition to her “baca”, pacifier, and blanket) to fall asleep. She does so by twirling her hair until it literally knots and mommy often has to cut the knot out later. I’ve never understood how this is relaxing or soothing because she uses quite a bit of force but the photo is proof that a finger suspended in a tightly twirled rope of hair is indeed, tranquilizing.

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  1. Oh sad, it wont play past 23 seconds for me! Guess I'll try again later cuz now I am dying to see it!

  2. Hey it finally worked for me! That was SOOOO funny…what an little personality she has!

    PS I was watching this and B came running over and without me saying a word he yells "Zea…Buddy!"

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