Welcome Summer Heat

Well, we sure got our recommended daily dose of Vitamin D today and momma’s got a very red back and shoulders to prove it. But oh so fun to get out and chat with other mommies, sweat off some toxins and calories pushing a heavy double stroller filled with 55 pounds of perfect girl goodness (or just sitting in the heat) and give the girls a special outing! 

 I wondered if we had this in our backyard (because you know, Bapa could and would build it!) if  it would have the same appeal…I think not. The other kiddos, especially, good friend, Brayden were just as exciting as the shooting spouts!

Check out Carrie’s blog for some more pictures and a short video!

We finished off the outing cooling off in Target’s candy aisle collecting come goodies for the Little Miss’s special birthday cake to be made tomorrow for her 1st (of 3) celebrations (the perk of having so many family members who want to love on her and see her) …stay tuned!

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