Summertime Fun (A week’s recap)

I’m back! In the past week we were:
-Away from home for a big slumber party providing the challenge opportunity of sleeping in tight quarters (by the way, it was much smoother than I anticipated giving me much hope and excitement for a future combined room for these 2):
-Getting spoiled with plenty of love, attention and yummy food offered by the hands of Great Grandma, Ita:
-Loving our Sunday tradition of  family snuggles in bed, a big brunch (homemade blueberry waffles) and lots of togetherness & daddy time:
-Enjoying the gift of a super special auntie Carol (aka Sister Rosario Therese) in her rare opportunity to share herself in a more intimate way (& another special auntie, not pictured, visiting from Spain):
-Celebrating being female (to include all of our varying moods):
-Taking time out for mommy to get in shape with friends:
-Soaking up the sunshine and having a blast with a new birthday gift:
-Relaxing watching sister having a blast with her new water/sand table:
-So exhausted from water play that we couldn’t stay awake for 5 minutes while mommy put Sweets down and brought me some dry clothes:
-Relishing in Summertime and the beautiful pool at Mimi and Bapa’s:
-Receiving free swim instructions from Mimi …
…And reaping the benefits of a Grandma who is so incredibly fun:
-Having special time with my firstborn:
-Working on those teeth: 

 -Working on those tans:

(Obviously Spicy inherited Daddy’s great tanning skin)
And finally…
-Taking family jogs thanks to a great internet deal acquiring this:
(eliminating my last excuse as to why I can’t shed those final few lbs)

 Happy Summer!

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  1. Marisa, Your pictures are absolutely precious. I relive memories and am reminded of the incredible beauty of your (our) family. Thank you so much for taking the time to post these treasures. By the way, I think Alizea and Genevieve look very much alike at similar stages with the obvious difference in skin tone and hair color-otherwise an obvious resemblance! Two of the most beautiful young ladies in the whole world, I might add, with no bias! Keep the pics and memories comin'! Love you, Dad

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