Six Months!

It’s hard to believe that half a year has passed since your birth…I think if I would’ve had the following image in my mind on January 9th, perhaps, I wouldn’t have used such profane language to curse those wondrous labor pains…

Wow, what a darling, angelic, girl you are. No wonder we have given you the nickname, Sweets. You (still) have such a calming, peaceful, happy, quiet demeanor about you. You are very much an observer with a mature look about you as if you are understanding more than we could possibly know!

I often describe you to others as being “low maintenance”. I can count on one hand the number of times you awoke in the early hours of the morning (not even middle of the night) for a feeding, only to return to a peaceful slumber without a fuss. (Talk about spoiling me!) Unlike your sister ever did, you play quietly in your crib alone and it is not unlike you to lye down when you are finished, grab your blankie over your face and literally fall asleep on your own accord! You prefer to be in a quiet darkened room to sleep (which is also very different from sissy who has always slept better amongst people and noise & human contact – in arms, stroking hair, etc). You have such a joyful spirit about you, just like your sister, and you are slow to get upset, quick to forgive & forget (the constant shoves, pokes, scratches, pinches and the like) and very apt to smile…

I never would’ve guessed that such a sweet, calm, gentle little baby girl was hiding behind those strong, constant bicycle kicks that kept me awake all night in the final weeks of pregnancy but now I see how that was possible…doesn’t look like that thigh chub is going anywhere for awhile (something that is always a topic of interest and conversation when people meet or see you)

You are so incredibly pleasant to have around…almost as if there isn’t a baby around, just a great listener of a girlfriend!
Within the last month, you are:
*sitting up very well on your own with very little falling (backwards, sideways or face-planting)
*grabbing for glasses, noses, and your favorite, sister’s wild mane hair
*pulling your pacifier out of your mouth and putting it back in all by yourself! (it is very much more of a toy for you, rather than a pacifying device)
*using your thumb more and more to self sooth and fall asleep
*responding with smiles and laughs to Spicy’s loves (via tickling or making funny faces or sounds)
*enjoying biter biscuits (to eat more than to suck, gnaw or chew)
*beginning to imitate (such as watching intensely studying mommy drink from her water bottle and then as it gets close to you reaching both arms out, pulling it toward you, with some assistance, and reaching your wide open mouth toward the opening as if you’re ready to chug).
*discovering your feet make great teethers, gnawing on your tiny toes (something Alizea never did)
*sticking your tongue out when you concentrate and explore new things…

You have also had two hair ‘trims’, the last one removing your “mullet” (thanks Jota for being so brutally honest) of about 2 inches! Even so, the other topic of conversation amongst others is surrounding your beautiful, dark, full head of hair!

I never, ever would have imagined that another girl could or would be so incredibly different from one another yet one of my highlights and most treasured joys these days is seeing you and your sister interact and take part in the beautiful sisterly bond that is emerging day by day. You are a blessing, sweet Genevieve, that is more and more appreciated as time passes. You teach all of us to take a deep breath and RE-LAX! Your patience and presence is soothing and is a welcomed treasure that I thank God for! You are proof and a constant reminder that God really does know what we need and that trusting in Him 100% of the time yields rewards beyond our imagination! 
How we love you so, Sweet G.

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  1. Happy 6 months, Sweet G. Your Auntita is among the many, many people in your life who love you to pieces for the angel that you are! I so look forward to watching you grow and develop into a toddler, young girl and beautiful young woman! I love you!!

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