Random Reflections

In the past 2 days, despite being slightly sleep deprived (caused by a number of factors), the Holy Spirit has illumined my mind to many reasons to be thankful and joyful.
Here are the top 10: 
10.  Getting my love enjoyment back for house cleaning

9. Making gradual progress in the deep cleaning and purging department which always feels great!
8. Waking up to freshly baked donuts brought by Bapa (all natural, organic, no fat and low calorie of course!)

7.  Having the privilege of rocking my baby girl to sleep (followed by…)
6.  Enjoying a New Castle and making pretend birthday cake (a hot topic this week) in the bathroom while Spicy bathes herself (literally, bath time is FINALLY becoming a relaxing, enjoyable break for momma) and plays in the water.
5.  Having a great tea party (speaking in our horrible British accents) with arguably the most fun, polite girlfriends in the world.

4. The wonderful unexpected news that our dear friends, the Reis family will be visiting Cali in about 6 weeks!!! (Oh, SO excited!) 
3.  Just in time (as always) Mimi asks to have her grand-daughter fix giving mommy a 3 hour solo errand-spree as well as a promised night of uninterrupted sleep (since the child who interrupts the sleep, to remain nameless, is sleeping over for the night!)

2.  A renewed appreciation for the awesome husband of mine, quirks and all 😉
And 1. (related to the above)… a restored gratitude and a profound sense of peace for being able to live out my dream

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  1. You are so wise and appreciative for all the gifts showered upon you, especially the little ones that cumulatively make up LIFE! I am quite amazed that you don't complain, grouse or seem to get discouraged. Instead, you find the positive and joyful in each and every day. You are awesome and an example to me when I tend to start down one of my negative roads! Thank YOU! Dad

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