Oh Baby!

Today was a very fun day! It dawned on me after finding myself as excited & giddy as a teenager getting ready for the Prom, that I have a new appreciation for opportunities to get out and connect with old friends as well as meet new ones. I took for granted the simple pleasure of curling my hair, putting on some heels and make-up, which rarely happens, feeling very feminine and well, single. Not in a single, trying to find a suitable guy to marry, single. Single as in, individual, Marisa, ME. Having the opportunity to express myself, my silly and bad sense of humor and all, make new connections, hear new ideas and ways of thinking, being apart from my full-time motherly role for some time, laughing… hard. I concluded I look forward to this, I enjoy it, I need it! 
And of course, celebrating a new, beautiful life, made in the image of God, ready to bless the world in less than a month and a glowing momma who said “yes” to His life-giving LOVE, incarnate!

The guest of honor

With oh so many goodies (that is going to be one well dressed baby girl!, PJs and all!)

The college buddies:

pointing to the star of the show, Miss A????? (all we know is the name starts with an ‘A’ and has 6 letters) Spottsville

Meanwhile, Daddy was enjoying quality time with his ladies. It very much impressed me and charmed me when I walked out of the clubhouse & hiked up a small hill, to find this tall, dark, handsome father on a park bench talking to his toddler as she was building a sand castle and feeding his baby….I kinda wanted to ask him out on a date! 


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