House Remodel Update # 3???

So, here’s where we were about a week ago…

Since then, the entire roof has been stripped and prepared, which involved a lot of work you don’t see (not to mention an unexpected hitch with the flat roof whereby pops had to re-roof the entire thing before the final hot mop coating which is happening as I type), fascia boards have been replaced, along with random rotting pieces, the perimeter walls got a coat of stucco and the porch is almost ready for roof and stucco.

Here are my 2 studly, manly men who have stolen my heart (in very different way, of course, wait, that didn’t sound creepy, did it?)  This next shot is just classic…Notice what is in their hands…a square nosed shovel and ….yes, that would be D’s iphone4 …says a lot about their forte’s…I was very surprised D would take his baby up there risking damage to it as they flung just over a ton of debris off the roof but not surprised he was listening to a podcast or e-book learning something new to improve himself and his family!

This upcoming week the roof will be laid followed by a weekend of final stucco prep just before the final color coat! It’s never a dull moment at the SoTotally (thanks, Miran) construction zone…the girls have gotten very accustomed to their new lullabies and white noise, that is, the pounding of the hammer and screeching of the saw blade….and I’m also very much used to walking outside to the scent of fresh saw dust…i love it….takes me back to my childhood days.

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