He must’ve known

God must’ve known I needed desperately needed an uber productive day with more than 10 minute intervals for  well,….my sanity. The effects of yesterday’s completion of roof removal was hundreds thousands of tiny pieces of brittle, black, 15-year-old composite shingles covering everything (which is way too much junk) in our garage. Perfect. No, really, this was EXACTLY what I needed to finally give myself an excuse to somewhat neglect my children for a day (I say that because at one point in the day I walked inside to Alizea on the couch watching Curious George with a big bag of trail mix in her lap and I thought to myself, “Lovely, Marisa.”) and make huge progress on something that has been nagging at my peace of mind  for far too long. But back to my point of this post. 
I love how God works. He must’ve known when my sweet Genevieve slept until past 10am this morning (since 9pm last night), despite hammering right outside her window as fascia board was being replaced and mommy snapping a bright light in her face to get the following photo…

He must’ve known that I needed a cooperative, hard-working, truly helpful little toddler (other than the occasional mischief whereby my perfectly swept piles would get all messed up!) 

He must’ve known that I needed to see this abhorrent (not to mention, dangerous) DIY cement pathway get destroyed for a little boost of excitement.
And he must’ve known how much I longed for a long simultaneous nap to be had by both girls! 
Today was the perfect example, in my opinion, of how God shows He cares about the practical, minuscule details of our life.  As always, at the most unexpected yet perfect time, He gave me such a gift in such a simple yet deeply personal way. And in the quiet moments of my solo time, He reminded me in my thoughts that He was very much involved in my day and in answering my silent, unspoken prayers pleas with a “Yes!”
He just must’ve known.

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  1. Yes, God does know what we need and I think he favorably looks upon those who are faithful and rely in HIM-like you! Love you, Dad

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