Happy Birthday Dad!

Well, after many attempts by sis & I to persuade him to take his birthday off, dad decided to overrule our suggestions.  We were thinking he would enjoy a nice relaxing day at the beach or lounging by his pool but I don’t think he can resist a chance to see the cutest babes in the world (& I don’t blame him! hehe).  Anyway, in an effort to make his arrival this morning a tad more special, when I woke up, I hung some banners and decorated his “work bench”:

In his words, he did “cut out a tad early” (to dad, anything shy of 8 hours is taking it easy) to get ready and rested for a night out.  In the evening, we treated him to a dinner at The Original Fish Company, adults only! I don’t think we have had a dinner out with mom, dad and just us “kids” since pre-Alizea!  (& it’s quite apparent)
(Trying to guess his gift)
Ahhh, we had such a wonderful time! And the girls had a great time playing at cousin Caleb’s house too!
Happy Birthday to an incredible, amazing, strong, tender, loving Dad, Bapa and friend!

Here’s to another year of health, happiness and prosperity!

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  1. Marisa, I must confess that when I drove up to the house and saw the effort you had gone to in order to surprise me and make me feel special, I found myself tearing up. I was on a high all day and the day was topped off with an awesome evening of laughter and togetherness. (We missed Martita!) My birthday was so much more than I could have ever expected or imagined! I never knew turning 61 could be so much fun!! Love you, Dad

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