Food Art

So as I mentioned previously, all of a sudden, Spicy has been much more enchanted by turning her food into finger paints, body paints or any kind of  messy creative play rather than by its palatable qualities. Frankly, it was really driving me nuts, causing me to lose my patience, get way more upset than I should and then feel guilty. I wasn’t sure what to do. Well, when it doubt, say a quick little prayer (ie: whine and complain and vent to our Heavenly Father and Mother). Then it hit me like a ton of bricks! (my prayers get answered very quickly these days, probably because they know I’m about to make a major parenting fax pas)…those crafts I used to love making when I was little?….faces or houses or anything? …well, they were made out of dried macaroni and beans…FOOD, which was probably the coolest part! …and I was about 3 years old…the same age as A….DUH!!!!So my intense frustration shifted to excitement as I removed the applesauce ‘paint’ and replaced it with leftover stale trail mix….As I explained to Spicy that she could make cars and trains and use the raisins and M&Ms as wheels, her face immediately lit up! She didn’t even want to consume the chocolate which was saying A LOT for her! For the next 30 minutes, her imagination took off and it was so fun to partake in! This is her very long “choo choo train”, caboose and all!

Didn’t want to leave Sweet G out so I took off that bib and let her go to town with the mashed squash, creating a masterpiece of her own...
When I pointed out the shapes correlating with the “wheels” or “carts” A cleverly insisted that we needed more shapes, which then challenged my creativity a bit…out came the Cheez-it squares from the cupboards and cut-up cheese triangles!
And that’s why I just love being home with the girls. They make every ordinary day extraordinary!

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  1. You do such an awesome job of making the most of every opportunity to find joy. I've watched you this summer work your "magic" with the girls. How lucky they are to have such a mommy as YOU! Love you, Dad

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