All American Girls

Although it was very tempting, I consciously decided that I would not allow one distraction, even photo snapping to get in the way of my relaxing, fun time at the Johnson house whereby chatting amongst other adults and eating scrumptious food peacefully that I didn’t have to cook was highly anticipated for over a week. 
Well, I regret that because for one thing, the girls looked adorable; 2ndly, the food display was beautiful and worth some photos and lastly, the sight of 8 tots under the age of 8 playing together (with the occasional misunderstandings and accidental injuries) was absolutely adorable and reminded me of why I am excited to have more babes! So, as I was putting away their clothes today, I realized a whole lot of effort, time, love and hands were involved in their patriotic outfits. So, what to do? Dress up and have a photo shoot! 
The bib: hand-sewn by Great Grandma Emde. Although she never got to meet these gems, I know she is watching them grow from heaven with all the angels and saints. The Amexican Sarape’s: Knitted by Great Grandma Ita;  The Shress (my made-up word for a dress that can be worn as a shirt the following year): Hand-made by Great Auntie Sherry. Look at the detail that went into this: Star shaped, flag buttons and all!
And yes, I painted G’s toenails. What? Didn’t want to leave her out of the nail-painting girl party (hehe). So thanks to technology, I can sneakily change the date of this post pretending these were taken on 4th of July!
God bless America!

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  1. And you know what's funny/ironic Care? YOUR MOM bought that dress that G is wearing 2 years ago!…when we were registering for you! A never really fit into it and I forgot about it but it was SOOO cute on G! hehe..

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