A special summer indeed

So there’s this guy. He’s been coming to my house almost every day. I look forward to his arrival; it makes getting out of bed, egggssshausted, with a cold, knowing I have potential tantrums to face & just a required level of energy that is often overwhelming, oddly exciting. He works on my house. For free. No strings attached. I just name it and he does it. (No bedroom closet? No problem. Want a custom built-in shelving unit for the office?  Done! Fireplace? Check. Kitchen Island? Yep, I can do that too. House not big enough for a family of four? Need an add-on? Sure! why not?! Another custom, built-in desk for the new office area? Easy Peasy. And a porch you say you’ve always wanted? Of course!) And he does it happily and excitedly. (seems too good to be true, huh?). He is transforming an old, very old, dumpy looking shack into my dream home. We talk when he takes breaks about anything and everything that comes to mind just as friends do. We share and hum as we work together to pick up leaves or sweep, or just sit in the shade wile we think or let our minds escape reality for a moment. I smile from ear to ear as I hear him belting out a song of his time as I clean the dishes for the third or fourth time. I feel completely guilty for the time and energy he gives but at the same time, I never want it to end. He makes me feel like a child again, calling me sweetheart at 30 and showering me with love & undeserving gifts at all times. He loves my children and is so, so incredibly good with them. They love him back, in fact, I’m pretty sure he’s their favorite person. He is amazingly talented & smart. He’s a handsome carpenter whose love knows no end. No, he’s not Jesus (but pretty darn close, eh?).
He’s my dad.
And he’s my friend.
What a very cool, special thing it is to have his company these days (not to mention his incredible labor of love).
Some momentous moments captured today: 

  I love the little “alfalfa” hair sticking up. Bed head, hehe

My pops, my hero.

The porch remodel: End of day 1

3 Responses to A special summer indeed

  1. Ahhhh, so sweet!! You ARE lucky to get to see Dad every day, hang out, work, chat, connect and get some fuerte bear hugs! (so warm and comforting) I was also smiling imagining Dad singing out loud to one of the songs playing on K-EARTH 101!! Porch remodel is happening!!

  2. Whoa, I feel so unworthy of such high praise, but I'll take it, every word!! Believe me, the pleasure is ALL mine-getting to see my daughter, share as friends, experience her love, consideration and affirmation, see the two most beautiful smiles in the world from the two most precious little girls I know, hug them and just be able to go into the house any time I want and spend time with them. Working to fix up your house is a very small price to pay for all that I receive from the Soto household. Thank you soo much for your kind words, sweetheart. They mean the world to me. I'll accept your post as my Father's Day card!! I love you, Dad

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