6 3/4 month Flashback

Sorry, I can’t help it. I think it’s so fun to compare the babes at the same age to look for resemblance (or lack there of), especially in the same outfits!!! It’s curious how the clothing that I put on Genevieve really takes me back to when Alizea was the same age.  A bit of deja vu, as I reminisce and simultaneously create new memories with our second blessing. 
Here’s Spicy about a week shy of 7 months:
And Sweet about a week shy of 7 months:

          Spicy (looking very sweet)…                            And Sweet (looking almost Spicy)…

Current Similarities:
– Nice round shapely heads (so round that there was no way G’s noggin would fit into the beanie)
-chin and jaw line seem to be similar although it’s tough to tell with those full cheeks
– eyebrows
– dark dark brown eyes
-Happy, smiley, joyful babes
-The obvious pigment coloration and hair color and length.
-A had her ears pierced (which reminds me to get on the ball if I’m going to do it at all)
-cooperation with pictures (I have so many more pictures of Sweet staring at the camera lens whereas Spicy is hardly ever looking which reminds me of how active she was, starting at such a young age!)
-They both have beautiful curly long lashes but G’s are a tad longer
-Pacifier vs thumb: A has always had (& we’re still in the weaning process at 3) a strong attachment to the “chupees/baca” whereas it never stayed in G’s mouth more than a few seconds. She’s the thumb sucker although only for a little bit to fall asleep.

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  1. What about the binky? That seems to be a diff…Dont think we've seen a single pic of G with a binky in her mouth. Not a fan like Ms A was/is?

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