Sitting up (A comparison)

For the record, this is not, I repeat, NOT the beginning of a trend of comparing amongst the sisters (or future siblings, for that matter). Just a fun, little flashback from the past….
Alizea, at a little over 4 months, sitting up for the 1st time:

Genevieve, at a little over 5 months, sitting up for the 1st time:

Although spicy A’s sausage arms had a tad more strength a bit sooner, sweet G did something that has never been done in the Soto lineage. From a ‘lying on her back’ position, reaching and twisting, she lifted her outside arm, then leg, rolling over completely to her belly and then pushing herself up in a crawling stance. She is also very much on the move scooting on her back by digging her heels in the ground and even showing clear signs of early crawling! Uh Oh momma, I see an extremely mobile little tot in the very near future. Your lazy days are numbered. 

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  1. Marisa, One positive of chasing around 2 little ones with inexhaustable energy is that you are bound to burn some calories!! Just don't turn your head for one moment.
    Love you, Dad

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