Sister Sister

This morning, I woke up to this ….
I’ll explain…After some snuggly time in my bed with Spicy A, we heard Sweet G moving around on the monitor. Alizea immediately exclaimed screamed “Genna!” and squirmed her way out of my arms. When I asked “should we go check on her?” she answered “No, I!”. “No problema” I thought as I savored my final quiet, relaxing moments covered in my warm down comforter. I knew that all would be fine and all she would or could be doing is climbing up on the bottom rail of the crib to greet Sweet, talking to her in her (adorable) baby voice and tickling her (as she says “keekol, keekol, keekol ) so I took advantage quickly making the bed and getting dressed but I had forgotten that there was a small stool in her room I had used to pull some diapers down from her closet. Naturally, Spicy moved it and climbed right up & in giving Sweet some snuggles of her own. I was slightly scared when I walked in and didn’t see her but after seconds of realizing what had happened, my heart was smiling along with my mouth! And with that, Alizea kicked off a wonderful, fun weekend enjoying lots of laughter and love with the blessing of the sisterhood!
Picking up Big sister (aka, Auntita) from the airport :
A 2nd meeting. 
It’s hard to believe 5 months has already passed since…


no wonder we were all so very excited to see you, Teets!


And with this…


and this…
we began a very exciting family fun weekend!


(apparently, you can’t start them too young – they are doing online word searches in the thesaurus , not playing games, of course)

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  1. Yeah!! What an AWESOME weekend!! I was eagerly awaiting the Sister Sister post and it was worth the wait because now I'm smiling ear to ear 🙂 I know, I can't believe it had been 5 months since I'd seen everyone…WAY too long!

  2. How cute! I meant to ask you if/when G moved out of your room and into her crib.

    OH and is that your hand with the beer while the men drink the girly drinks? Haha!

  3. Care – I think she's been in her own room since 6 wks (maybe 8)! Since she was pretty much sleeping thru the night (6-8 hrs) already, I found myself sleeping much better! as for the drinks, HA! yes, that's right. I guess I thought beer was more mild than the hard alcohol mixture on the breast milk! 😛

  4. Marisa, Wasn't it so special to see Martita connect so naturaly and lovingly to G and A. Martita is such a natural and the girls are so blessed to have her as an auntie. I only wish we could have Tita close at hand more often. Love you, Dad

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