Productive Girls!

Perhaps, the best part of this remodeling process (as mentally exhausting as it can be) is how often I get to see the mom & pop! I’d say pretty much every other day, the Emde-Soto TEAM is crossing paths between dropping off brochures, samples, digging, building, visualizing, researching, discussing. Today, the four lady musketeers mixed it up between ‘work’ (I love my job!) and enjoyment: we dropped off some stone samples, picked up some roof samples, went to the mall to buy some goodies for our men (didn’t know being a SAHM included personal shopper for the hubby but hey, he doesn’t have time nor does he enjoy shopping and I get to pick out his wardrobe… A win-win, I think), went to the bank to get all the information regarding funding this project and drove around talking to several home-owners and getting more ideas on colors, hard-scape, etc. A special moment to capture the day by:

And these are the fav ideas thus far from our track that we are stealing for inspiration…

Thoughts on the above: 
pic #1 – love the porch structure, the color combination (stucco, trim and roof), the lighting fixtures & placement and the stone accents. (not too much that will blow our budget, but enough to add some interest)
pic #2 – love the porch floor part (landing/hard-scape/rail thingy), the lighting inserts in the step and the walkway design that maximizes the big front yard
Other desired additions/notes: white vinyl ‘picket’ fence around grass area w/ gate for safety of kids, interesting circular planter on side of garage w/ custom built sandbox behind/hiding, planter between porch and grass.

We’ll see how our hybrid of the 2 plus our own touches turns out, Stay tuned!

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  1. The privilege is purely mine when I get to see you and the girls every time I work on your house. It hardly seems like work. I can't wait to see the transformation and communion of your and Mom's creativity and my brawn (no brains!) Dad

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