Field Trip & Bon Voyage

After a mellow day at home yesterday catching up on house chores and nursing 2 mild colds, we were more than ready today for some fresh salt air. Even the June gloom didn’t stop us from taking advantage of something that we often take for granted and is less than 10 miles away. The best part? Bapa was going to be there on a field trip with his students. He was confidant the fog would burn off & it did (when we pulled into the driveway at home, ha!) Nevertheless, a trip to my hometown is always welcomed….Good ole HB! We built sand castles, collected seashells, got our 1st touch at sand, chased (& ran away from) waves, loosing our balance just a bit, marveled at a ladybug with a slightly impaired wing, had a picnic and met some new friends. It was very special for me to see my dad in such a heroic role as patient teacher, caring father figure and wise counselor to so many broken, impressionable and beautiful children. Here are just some of the highlights…

It was so powerfully humbling to be surrounded by 30+ adolescents with varying degrees of mental handicaps and then in one second to glance down and see my 2 perfectly healthy children, 1 in my lap, 1 playing at my feet. I was overwhelmed. With a knot in my throat, literally fighting back the tears of gratitude, I discovered a new-found realization & appreciation of my blessings as well as an admiration for all who care for and help those with special needs.
Part 2 of this Friday included a fun visit saying farewell to Auntie Karyn as she gets ready for yet another hiatus to South Africa for safari’s, bungee jumps, World Cup games and many other adventures! Alizea was very excited for her date with Mr Miller (aka, ‘Co-wa’ or Cole) & the 2 played extremely well together for over 2 hours! I had to carry spicy A out of there kicking & screaming, “I want to stay at Auntie Karyn’s” so I’d say she had a great time!
this picture doesn’t do them justice, but this kid’s got UH-mazing eyes and lashes!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Marisa, Thank YOU for joining us and making it even more special than a field trip always is. I experience no greater joy than spending and sharing time with my first family!! It was indeed a special day for all. My most memorable part was watching dear and so expressive Alizea experience something for the first time-waves coming ashore and surrounding her feet and legs and then the same wave receding and causing her to lost her balance. Her squeals of joy and laughter brought me indescribable fulfillment that I was privileged enough to be part of this experience. Thank you for making the sacrifice to get yourself and two children ready, load all the "stuff" in the car (changes of clothes, diapers, wipees, snacks, stroller, carrier, toys and probably lots more than I'm not even aware of) and meet us at the beach just as our bus was arriving. Thank you for all you do for me!! Love you, Dad

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