Because of your sacrifice…

We are free to celebrate LIFE…
We are free to enjoy our most valuable treasures…

we are free to work hard and play hard…

 we are abundantly blessed beyond measure & free to eat until our heart’s content…
 (menu: tri-tip, scallop skewers, corn on the cob, baked beans, potato and macaroni salad and fresh fruit! DE-licious!)

We are free to basque in the sun …

And be silly and loud!

We are free to kiss our daddy goodnight and go to bed peacefully feeling safe & out of harm’s way.

Thank you for your sacrifice, your obedience to the call, to duty, to honor and justice, your suffering, your loss, your courage. 
Thank you for your life.
There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends
John 15:13

Some more highlights from our weekend (after all, this is the family scrapbook):
Sweet G is definitely another water baby

When Alizea sprinted toward Bapa to greet him Sunday, she exclaimed, “It’s good to be home” which gave us all a good laugh. Umm, should we be worried,  honey?

Master chef

with his beautiful assistant

Thank you both for a magnificent feast!
Mimi with Sweets

And yes, she is doing her ‘duty’ ..sorry to embarrass you, Sweet

Special time with Auntie Nee-nee

And some super productive planning of course! (Architect/contractor Bapa gets sophisticated using buttons, coins and Alizea’s blocks to draw our
final backyard design to scale
(this was at 11:30pm before we all crashed for a big slumber party @ the Emde Resort) 
A special-y blessed weekend! 

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  1. Great pictures of a truly great day. I remember vividly sitting at the table, my family surrounding me, a beautiful day and some scrumptious food prepared by Miranda, oldies in the background and being almost overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude and blessing that this was my slice of heaven on earth!! What Mom and I have would mean nothing if not able to share it with our dear loved ones. Thanks for making Memorial Day weekend very memorable! Love you, Dad

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