Back to the Basics

Well, we are still very much recovering from the effects of late nights, no schedule and a lovely (words dripping in sarcasm) breast infection. After many a melt down had by all 3 Soto females, the youngest 2 of the bunch teach the old ‘hag’ (that’s certainly how I feel) yet again….As I found myself frustrated with fatigue and impatience that I could not muster the energy to get us dressed and out of the house for one simple, important errand, nor make one room in the house look half-way decent, I had one of those timeless moments staring into the eyes of the innocent babes as they both remind me of what really matters….living in the present moment, enjoying life, even & especially in the most simple, ordinary, necessary tasks of the day such as bathing and eating…
 ….see what I mean! She did this all on her own. How can you not laugh and forget about anything negative with this face?

 …And this one just pierces me with a feeling of undeserving love with those big, innocent, trusting eyes

 So as we all regain our strength & build up our immune systems, releasing toxins as fluid seeps from our every pore, we remember that life is a gift, every single day, every single moment!

2 Responses to Back to the Basics

  1. Beautiful, Marisa and so right on! I think the 3 Soto ladies balance each other perfectly and you are ALL learning and teaching each other!!

  2. Marisa, As I said before, you are so wise. Your observation that what really matters in life is in your very presence every minute of every day and you need only enjoy and savor it, as you do so well. I couldn't be more proud of the mother you are! Love you, Dad

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