I was reminded late last night after being away from home for the past 4 days of something that I do not enjoy doing.  unpacking . Even though I left the house squeaky clean and not a dirty sock left behind and even though the house was in the same condition upon return (much appreciated, Big D), it still took most all of today to unload the van, unpack clothes and lots of sorting and organizing since the gathering-up process consisted of stuffing everything from clothes to books to phone chargers (which I still can’t locate) into various bags of all sizes or straight into the van in a rush to keep sleeping babies…. well, asleep! 
So my day consisted of emptying bags of leftover stale snacks, broken crayons, dirty burp cloths and sunscreen, refilling empty wipe containers, oh yes, and attacking those 4 loads of laundry that had accumulated in just 4 days… and well, lots of adjusting by all. Adjusting to soft, quiet, still beds to nap in rather than the bumpy car seats with lots of “white noise”, that is, the 3 generation of Lizardi-Emde-Soto women yapping away. Adjusting to bouncers and lots of tummy time rather than warm, soothing, loving, welcoming arms. Adjusting to more independent play rather than leading a circle of fans in the lawnmower dance (imagine an 82-year-old, white-haired Grandpa mimicking a 3-year-old doing this…hysterical!). Adjusting to juggling the needs of the girls, the house, the hubby dinner, and the needs of myself. (All this talk of adjusting reminds me that I haven’t been to the chiropractor in months and could use a good adjustment right now.)  Anyway, I digress. And since we were all a little “off”, why not change up the eating/sleeping schedule of Miss G by introducing solids for the 1st time!?! A tad shy of 6 months, but the idea of weaning and breastfeeding less than every 3 hours for at least 5 times a day was all too tempting. So, we went straight to the good stuff. Seems as though she is just about as fond of peas as her Bapa is…
The watering eyes, scrunched brows and flared nostrils say it all.
But, for some special time with cousins sharing about parenthood, for lots of great research for the exterior remodel project (which included many an adventure up dirt roads and dusty trails with, don’t forget, 2 kids under 3), and for lots of time with a holy, absolutely adorable couple, the adjusting was well worth it. Some of our highlights since the last post:
Surprise visit from Auntie K one last time before the big take-off :
2nd cousins:
And the mommies:
Beautiful Emma and adorable little “Dogo”:
And the gals who make every experience a complete joy!
 **Some random side comments** 
Although this won’t ever capture the emotion I felt upon hearing it, I must document something that made my heart skip a beat today.  Sweet G was fussing in her bouncer. Alizea piped up on her own accord: “Don’t worry Jenna. I’ll be right here next to you, eating my lunch” then proceeded to get up from her desk, walk over to her and give her a big hug and kiss. Ahhhh! The compassion and mature sensitivity in this girl blows me away every time! You have such a special, loving, pure heart and you are an incredible gift from God, Alizea.
I was reminded today… there is definitely only 1 baby remaining in the household.
And, because I’m sure I will look back on this when I’m a much more experienced, seasoned mom of 4 or 5 (or 6) and laugh…  So 5 months later, I discovered that the black spot in Genevieve’s belly button was not, in fact, a permanent birth mark….I know, I know….Gross!

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  1. I can't believe how grown-up Alizea looks in the second cousins pic! And I laughed out loud about G's non-permanent birth mark…gross!! haha! Bet that felt good for Sweet G to clean that out 🙂

  2. Aw, I LOVE the little sisterly quote by Alizea…That is SO heartwarming!! Also, did A start a new nickname for Ms G??? (…Jenna)

  3. I still get scrunched brows, watery eyes and flared nostrils at the mere THOUGHT of peas!!! (One of nature's mistakes!) Please, don't force them on my sweet G-make this one of her first choices!! Love you, Dad

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