A Perfect Score

No, I’m not talking about Lakers star Derek Fisher or Kobe Bryant but an even bigger star in my books, my Alizea Ann! Today, she decided she was done with the diapers for good! 5 times out of 5 attempts, she announced her need to go “pee pee” or “poo poo”, she ran to her little toilet, pulled down off her shorts and panties all by herself (when I tried to help, she yelled “No, I do it!”)  and each and every time, she did it! She didn’t even want the diaper when it was time to go to bed but since I’m not sure she can go the whole night without relieving herself (if she’s anything like me, that’s asking a lot), it made its way on those adorable cheeks and she cooperatively followed our explanation for the need for protection. 
One of the occasions for success and celebration followed an exciting interaction playing with 2nd cousin, Caleb on the front yard. It seriously shocked me that she left the scene on her own, saying something about “pee pee on the little potty” as she walked right into the house. Before I knew it, she was coming outside again in the nude with a huge open-mouthed smile on her face. I was expecting at least a little trail but to my utter surprise, she had made it to the potty yet again! When I excitedly shared the victorious happenings of the day with Big D, he said “That’s just like her; to do it on her terms” with a proud smile of his own! 
Daddy and I are so very proud of YOUR accomplishment, sweetheart. With very little intervention and assistance (I never even asked or prompted you today), you have reached this milestone with your spirit of joy, energy and excitement and 5 weeks ahead of momma’s deadline. Way to go, little Miss 😉

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  1. Yay thats SUPER exciting!! Love the thumbs up pic. On a sidenote, now you can save like $40 a month…add THAT to the stay at home mom budget = SCORE!!

  2. Marisa, What an absolute JOY to witness Alizea go through the process of literally potty training herself. As you said, she made up her mind and just did it-which is a testament to her will. We just need to channel it in the direction which will yield positive results!! Love you, Dad

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