A challenging week (recap)

A quick recap since the last post:
Thursday am: Mommy is finally full of energy and healed of her breast infection. Feeling brave and very much in need of some fresh air, we venture out for a good part of the day leisurely enjoying errands, stopping for feedings, potty breaks, snacks and the like. Return home just in time to get pooped on by child #2 followed by vomited on by child #1. After the purging & napping, Daddy & I surmise that Spicy must have eaten something bad based on her intense, normal levels of energy leading up to bedtime. 
Thursday pm: up ever 3 hours due to a fever spiking to 103 degrees. Despite the aches and chills, Spicy decides she is finished, done, over the diapers and wants to go “pee pee in the little toilet” in the  middle.  of.  the.  night.  Between potty runs, fever reducing remedies and nursing, mommy doesn’t sleep more than an hour.
Friday am: Mommy is on the phone most of the morning with Aunt Rosie (thank GOD for a nurse in the family) followed by the pediatrician’s triage nurse getting questions answered and home care advice as this is the 1st time in 3 yrs we’ve had a sickness of this degree. We trek to Ralphs by foot (& double stroller) for some fresh air and to buy everything needed to combat the stomach flu bug that has seemed to infiltrate our home.  Day is spent watching many a cartoon, eating lots of jell-o and recovering from an emotionally draining prior night.
Friday pm: Everyone sleeps much better.
Saturday am: Daddy offers to stay home with Spicy so I can get out. Sweets and I meet Auntie Nee-nee for some home decor shopping. Report back is a very fun day on the home front. Spicy is on the mend.
Sunday am: Daddy & I discern Spicy is well enough for church and could use the fresh air and exercise.  Much retraining to be done as Spicy acts as though she has never set foot in a church before and that mommy has not taught her 100 10,000 times to use quiet voices. Daddy and I are exhausted after one hour of disciplinary boot camp, oh I mean, worship. Spicy A is baaaaack. 110%
Sunday pm: Just when I think normalcy has returned, Sweet G begins to cough. And continues to cough.  All.   night.   long.  (although she never cried, Mommy spent most of the night staring into the bright monitor wondering what to do)
Which brings us to today…  Mimi came to pick up Spicy for a special overnight slumber party. Mommy and daddy are excited.  Relieved. Sweet G spends most of the day sleeping while mommy catches her breath and plans for dinner…. 
lack of ideas = a night out enjoying a fine Chinese cuisine!

(There was a cute white-haired couple sitting next to us conversing in a different language: I thought Italian, Dean thought Greek. Anyway, when they walked past us on their way out, the woman put her hand on Dean’s shoulder and said “To see a young couple with a baby, and praying is beautiful! You just made my day. That’s wonderful!” The man grinned from ear to ear nodding his head in agreement passing by with a “God bless” which in turn made our day!)

   Things I have learned in the past few days:
– I took for granted the blessing of my children’s health
– Children are resilient above & beyond my expectations
– Spicy A has a mind of her own. A beautiful mind. One I often take for granted. One I now admire. One in which God used to show me (yet again) that being a mommy is never about convenience nor control (I’m referring mainly to the will of this child to transition to the potty, literally overnight, in the midst of being sick with no accidents to date)
– Sweet is even sweeter when she is sick. 
– My parents are an incredible help and support to us. Oh wait, I already knew that! 
– I can still grow (a lot) in the area of patience

 Here’s to a good night’s rest. Sweet dreams everyone!

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  1. Marisa, your humility and willingness to learn and grow shows such incredible wisdom and are the qualities that make you the best mommy sweet Alizea and dear Genevieve could possibly have. I marvel at your patience, love and attention that you shower on the girls numerous times during the course of a day. You're awesome!!! Dad

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