Monkey Business

Today we made our 1st trip to the Santa Ana Zoo. I was very excited to meet up with my dear friend Julianna and Alizea was pretty stoked about seeing Elyse. Of course we picked what seemed to be the day for all field trip’s as it was pretty chaotic in certain pockets but we found areas to keep the girls entertained while being able to hear each other without shouting.  Although the girls were excited to see the animals, the playground and fake animals seemed to be almost as, if not, more exciting and so we resigned it was a slightly overpriced way for momma’s to catch up and have a good time together too.

Next time, we’ll stay home or I think the park will suffice!
I am discovering Alizea is quite “the lover” as Julianna put it. Elyse didn’t seem to mind too badly 😉 

I’m pretty sure these girls will be friends for a long time whether they like it or not

The little climber…
Momma J helping E put her shoes on. So sweet! I just love the Strachan gals & already look forward to our next playdate!

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  1. Hum…I was wondering if I should try to take B to the SA zoo sometime. Guess you answered my question!

  2. I love to see Alizea playing and interacting, and developing relationships with friends and other tots. The socialization skills she is developing are soooooo important to future relationships in life. Good Job, Mom! Love you, Dad

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