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 Very shortly after waking this morning, (since all three of us slept in until 9 o’clock – Ahhhh, that felt good! ) I could hear lots of little voices coming from our kitchen window. I peeked a few times and realized that there was some kind of play gathering going on next door. I tried for as long as I could to distract and prolong the inevitable, knowing that once we stepped foot outside, it may be a tad chaotic trying to stay on some sort of eating, feeding, napping schedule, not to mention changing diapers and keeping an extra close watch on both children with many fun distractions in the mix. So I stalled with puzzles, blowing bubbles in the bath, and lots of computer games. And then, Miss spicy wouldn’t be fooled any longer with mommy’s stories. She kept asking in the cutest tone of voice “Mommy, may I go outside and see the kids?” Now how can you reject an inquiry like that???
So out we went into a new world of socialization opportunities. There were kids everywhere, I think I counted about 10, all under the age of  6 wandering everywhere you stepped. An initially shy Alizea turned into one who was bossing the other kids around oblivious to the fact that we totally invited ourselves!  But it ended up being lots of fun for kids and moms alike! I met a new friend, an expecting mommy (with a 2 yr old) who lives in our track! And Alizea got to practice sharing toys and smiles!
Isn’t it humbling to see how kids interact for the 1st time (well, some, I suppose). When I was taking these shots, it dawned on me that this is precisely how Christ commands us to treat strangers, our neighbors and brothers even upon 1st meeting. How simple and innocent is their love…

This is Whitney and at 4 yrs old, she was only a smidgen taller than Alizea.
 And this is Addison. She was a total ham!
 Genevieve was the center of lots of extra lovin’ not to mention many ‘oooh’s and ‘ahhhh’s as I walked outside with her as if I were a celebrity. Oh and that’s Halia to the left of G. She’s a year + older than G but they weigh the SAME amount! What can I say? My girls like to eat just like their momma!
It melted my heart to see Alizea so protective and proud of her baby sis in front of everyone.

And for the baby books, Mommy just gave sweet G her 1st hair ‘trim’ to create some bangs. But yes, those are pig tails spotted behind spicy A’s tender kisses….

Sometimes, making new friends is just what we need!
PS – There were a couple rowdy boys playing in the pools with spicy A. She said to me “I don’t like those boys. They’re too loud and mean!” Get used to it, girlfriend. It doesn’t get any better until you’re in your 20’s!

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  1. Indeed, we "wise" adults have much to learn from the innocence of children, who God created to teach us how to act, view the world and treat one another! Love you, Dad

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