Giggles and Updates

Nothing too eventful in the past 2 days over here besides the fact that G is nearly sitting up, rolling, baby talking, grabbing, kicking, drooling, sucking on fingers (pretty sure she’s teething already which shouldn’t surprise me since EVERY thing is different about the girls, A didn’t teeth till 11 months!) and giggling….a lot!

I attempted joint baths which I discovered was a bit premature and resulted in yelling for daddy in terror as baby G almost got her 1st “dunk” in the ‘floating chair’ (which wasn’t supposed to float) while fending off A who thought it was the greatest thing to have a water playmate but at least we got a picture out of it which captures Genevieve’s belly rolls perfectly:

Oh and Alizea has been entertaining mommy and daddy with her yet again new phrases:
“I’m just playing” or “I’m just kidding” 
(usually when she does something and gets a less than favorable reaction from us)
Just tonight when I was lying next to her in bed praying, right after reading 2 stories, she was kicking me and I explained that she was making mommy upset and mad and she could clearly see from the frustration on my face and the tone of my voice that my patience was running out….her response? “Mommy don’t be mad. I want you to be happy” as she placed both of her soft chubby hands on both of my cheeks.
Today at the park: “Bye boy, I’ll be right back. I’m going to go feed the ducks and I’ll be right back”
Oh and then there’s the “shoot” and “crap” we’ve heard her say one time and we can’t blame preschool or  TV for that! Oops! Just another reminder of our flaws and yet again how our children are constantly refining us!

Well, it’s 10:45pm right now and I could should be sleeping but sitting here next to daddy while we enjoy our coffee, sharing, in between sewing/blogging and negotiating with offshore providers is much more fulfilling (hopefully I’ll still agree in the morning)  😉 Plus, I’m SO close to finishing mom’s gift that now I want to finish it up tonight!

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  1. look at those chubby fingers in her mouth…yep, totally teething.

    PS I hope that was DECAF at 10:45 at night!!

  2. Actually it was extra bold S-bux! haha. but caffeine doesn't seem to interfere with my ability to sleep – never has! Weird!

  3. Marisa, The video of Genevieve and the picture in the bathtub are priceless! They both bring a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart. God is so good to have blessed me with these new joys to my family. I once thought the happiness and fulfillment that my three daughters and my wife brought to my life could never be matched or surpassed. I now know that God just keeps giving and showing me that there is no limit to joy! Dad

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