Four Months!

It’s been a loooong week. I’m not sure why (although I have a few ideas) but I’ve been feeling ‘off’ and in some kind of emotional funk. Externally, many happy, fun things have been taking place. Internally, I feel like this…
Thank you for sympathizing with momma, sweet G. Rather than analyze it too much, we’re moving on since tomorrow is a new day! Besides, this isn’t about me. Someone is growing too fast & momma is having a hard time keeping up! A tad late (but then again you were late too) but here are some 4 month highlights….
You are just so pretty (& that’s a common comment I hear when we’re out & about)…
Working on your hand-eye coordination. You are grabbing, hitting, squeezing and definitely improving those fine motor skills.
Not your favorite position but still lifting yourself up pretty darn well
Without a doubt, your favorite new activity. (I don’t remember Alizea being so thrilled to jump this early on.) Sure to bring big smiles to your face which lights up the room & the entire house for that matter. And it warms my heart to hear big sister cheering you on, “Good job Genevieve!” or “Good jumping Genevieve!”
Those thunder thighs will be slim & trim in no time!
You are still our sweet, calm mellow baby (although today at your well-check you showed a streak that surprised us all (& worried mommy) – you were very upset after those shots (& it lasted so long I had to call the nurse because it was so ‘out of character’ for you) but it just showed your developing personality (the nurse said you were “pissed off” which both shocked me and made me laugh that a sweet, innocent, chubby cherub could be that MAD for being poked & probed). If you could talk, I think you would’ve said “Yes, I’m mellow but if you mess with me, you better watch out!” Daddy and I joked that you are well equipped to defend yourself from potential, future, overbearing, big sis moments (not that that would ever happen… Right). 
In this picture, I just love how your little hand is resting on your leg. That’s SO you! Proper and genteel.
Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness to our family! (not to mention 10-13 hours of sleep every night without a peep – your sis sure makes up for that!) We all love you and can’t get enough of you!

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  1. Marisa, I thought no child could ever be as cute as my first grandchild. And actually I still feel that way, except I've found a child just as cute!! Of course, I'm talking about sweet Genevieve. She has such a deep beauty to her and I am amazed at how the beauty grows with each passing day. Thanks so much for all the photos which show all sides of Genevieve. Love you, Dad

  2. Hi Marisa,

    Thanks for including me in your blog. Genevieve is so precious and of course looks so much like Dean. Your dad's comment just about made me cry. All I've ever wanted in a dad. You are so blessed. XO, Marie

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