Design Team Extraordinaire

 She starts them young folks! This is Miss Designer Extraordinaire (DE) pointing out the various styles of water features to her very intrigued pupils:

Today I was envisioning a nice relaxing, fun day with my favorite ladies! ha! Bad assumption because there is no messing around with Miss DE. Its a good thing she keeps us focused and on track because I quickly learned that there is MUCH to accomplish in the coming weeks. This woman could would easily make BIG bucks as an interior/exterior designer. She is AMAZINGLY talented (with no formal training whatsoever) and I’m JUST beginning to see, realize and appreciate her brilliant mind (brain injury, what?). Today we began
continued the preliminary phase of researching options for our exterior remodel.
Alizea testing out our potential water feature. We have to keep the kids in mind with our designing. Child-friendly features are a must! I love the simplicity of this urn fountain!

After seeing all the choices & options, my mind was spinning. An exercise for the brain, no doubt! Very exciting though!
Stucco color choices:
Cap options for planters/pillars:

 Veneer/stone ideas for wainscoting, pillars, etc:

Phew! Productive AND Fun day! Let the planning continue…

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  1. HaHa I love the serious faces on all THREE of them in that top picture. What a good mama to help you with the yard! And YES, that HUGE heavy pot is a MUST since running kids will never in a million years be able to knock it over!

  2. awwwwww I have so many fond memories of your mom and her ultra planning. Decorating their house and the all day adventure to find the right couches and pillows and accents… then of course your wedding, her spiral mini notepad with pages and pages of phone numbers, notes and tips. She's the BEST! And you two are a dynamic duo!

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