Date Night

A few nights ago, I asked Dean if he/we had anything to do or anywhere to go for the coming Friday night. He said “are you asking me out on a date?” Indeed I was. Long gone are the days where I expect him to do all the planning when it comes to spending time together. And I had realized that all of our ‘date nights’ in the past 4 months included Genevieve or were ‘en casa’ so we hadn’t had a few hours with truly no distractions or responsibilities in 4 months! Granted, G is a super baby and behaves like an angel, there are certain restrictions on a romantic night out when you’re lugging a baby carrier or stroller. So, the scheming in my mind began. I was planning on calling my mom the next day to see if she and my dad would be able to watch the girls for a couple hours. Just before I placed the call, I got an email from Super Sissy asking if Alizea could spend Friday night at her place for a slumber party! Sa-weeeet! Even better that what I had in mind. And my mom and dad hadn’t spent any alone time with G since she was born! So, we dropped them off and ran off like 2 giddy little kids. Last night we had discussed some possible options for our date night. We opted for take-out on the beach watching the sunset like the good ole days of our courtship. A great decision don’t ya think???
Even a little cold, it was finger lickin’ good (oh wait, that’s KFC!) 

Goofin’ around:

Then God painted us a picture 🙂 

and reminded us of His faithfulness:
“Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap or gather into barns; Yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they are?” 
Matt 6:26
And we were actually successful at conversing about many a topic, not just the kids! A splendid night rekindling our love and admiring God’s beautiful creation in nature! 

Thank you mom, dad & Auntie Neenee for a priceless gift!

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  1. How sweet!! But all I can think about is how bad your boobs must have felt w/o G being there!! HeHe

  2. Oh yea, what a sacrifice it was to watch little Genevieve!! It's kind of weird that I almost feel guilty that we don't spend more time with G. I think I remember back to how much time we spent with A with Dean being gone and that the time spent with A was normal and the relatively little time we spend with G is abnormal. I keep forgetting that we were so lucky and blessed to be able to be such a large part of Alizea's early growth and development. I just hope that G bonds with us as closely as Alizea has!! Dad

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