An All Day (Fun) Affair

Well, it’s no wonder my feet are still aching. The girls and I spent the entire day at Irvine Spectrum vising with friends and spending special time together outdoors! First, we met Carrie and Brayden for an overdue, fun gathering.  It was pretty exhausting to try and remember everything we wanted to share, ask, update each other from months while watching two energetic toddlers but simply watching them was priceless and made up for our forgetfulness:
No idea what was capturing their attention but they seemed to be totally in sync:
Couldn’t believe it but they both cooperated for a “cheese”y smile. I think it’s the peer pressure. They are both competitive little tots.

After the McCrays left to get home for some much needed & well deserved rest time, Alizea asked permission with her animated eyes and smirk to play in the floor fountains. Of course you may, dear! It was perfect timing as it was time to nurse G. 
She started out a tad timid (probably because the water was fa-reezing)…

After drying off, A exhausted her final bit of energy on the carousel and then we headed back to the car where all three of us enjoyed a nice little nap (2 hours actually) in the warm car under a shady tree. After naps, was round 2 to meet up with the Japlit trio.  
 Alizea playing with Paige and Jason on the faux turtle fountains:
And merry go ’round, round #2: 
After spending over 15 minutes trekking up and down the aisles of the parking lot looking for the van (and yes, I was holding my keys in the air pressing the panic button like a complete goof!) it was time to go home, sweet home. 
Departure time: 9:15am. 
Arrival time: 6:15pm. 
What could’ve been a total disaster was actually a smooth, fun exciting day out with my girls!
 ** A tad more expensive then I planned on, however (sorry daddy). For the records…
New water-proof sandals after soaking socks and shoes playing in the puddles = $10
Water for mommy to stay hydrated = $2
Undies and shorts from Old Navy after soaking outfit #2: $12
Lunch for 2 since Alizea (assisted by Brayden) scarfed down the packed meals quicker than anticipated = $12
Some treats at the Candy Shop after Alizea used the potty TWICE = $10 (ok, so mommy needed a pick me up, sugar rush too)
2 rounds of Merry Go Round = $4
A fantastic experience and memorable adventure bonding with my babies = Priceless 🙂 

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  1. Why is it that I NEVER get tired of seeing pictures of Alizea or Genevieve? One reason is because no two pictures are even remotely the same. Your pictures speak a thousand words as you have an uncanny knack for capturing those "precious and special moments" as well as expressions that are priceless. Thanks for bringing more of their lives into my life, even when I can't be physically there to savor them! Love you, Dad

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