100% STUD!

Pronunciation: \ˈstəd\
Function: noun

 1. a very masculine (and generally young) male person: a guy who is very strong, handsome, buff and/or athletic: a handsome young jock 

 2. a small piece of metal, often bolt shaped (seen often on belts and such) 

Well, I’m referring to definition #1 and no, I’m not talking about Dean but the only other man that he would approve of my complimenting. Yep, you guessed it. Daddy-Oh! Just look at him: Seriously, can a 60 year-old be any more studly and may I say, sexy? I think not! 

 Today in just a few short hours, this stud dug up deeply rooted weeds along the entire perimeter of our backyard, pulled up & hauled an old cement ribbon (used for the planter that’s at least 15 yrs old) and all so that my designer (aka, mom) and I could have a “fresh palette” of space to visualize the best design for our new backyard.  (I wish I had a good before/after pic but you’ll just have to trust me that he is amazing!) What a guy! 
Meanwhile, Daddy was inside recuperating from a previous 14-hour work day and getting some quality time with the girls:

And what was I doing (other than snapping photos)? Well, of course, I was outside helping pops, DUH!!! Wish I had a much cuter work outfit on (note to self for next time) but I still got a nice toning work-out and some fresh Vitamin D (not to mention a mental break from being mommy!)

Sorry Mr Lizard, you are being evicted:

The dynamic father-daughter power-house team is baaaaaaack! 

2 Responses to 100% STUD!

  1. Love it!!! I too am lucky to have a super dad that knows how to do everything!!! I have been able to spend some good quality time with him working on my house and building gracie's dog house in the last few months!!!

  2. I must admit that this stud had watery eyes and a huge smile when I read your highly complimentary words-words that couldn't have been more meaningful. To be held in such high esteem by my daughter is just a rung or two below heaven!! By the way, the inspiration I derive from working for you, Dean and my dear granddaughters knocks at least 20 years off my physical age!! (Mind over body!)I look so forward to every project as I view them as opportunities to express my love and appreciation to you for all you bring to my life!! I love you, Dad

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