Wild Thang

The hair says it all!
It is NO coincidence that this girl’s hair matches her personality: 
beautiful, bouncy, animated, lively, fun, golden, unique, and sometimes, a little wild!
You actually weren’t wild or hyper tonight or at all today for that matter. You were very obedient, cooperative and quite polite all day and in the evening you were extremely mellow and focused on your computer games. But you just love to be in the action! These pictures were taken at 11:30, no, not 11:30 in the morning but post meridian, as in PM!. At 9:30 you announced for the 1st time ever that you were tired and ready for bed: “I’m tired, go night night with mommy” (This was seconds before daddy and I were playing rock, paper, scissors over who was going to be the enforcer tonight! So, we’re a bit lax on Friday’s, what can I say?) Daddy and I were shocked and excited! You mean, you’re getting in tune with your physical needs realizing sleep was not the arch-enemy?! Could it really be? This was definitely a step in the right direction (and beats daddy having to stand at your door so you can’t leave your room until you fall asleep meanwhile throwing a full blown kicking and screaming tantrum, waking up your baby sis, chaos breaking out in the Soto palace, you get the picture)… or so we thought. For the next 2 hours, it went something like this: I would lay with you for about 5 minutes, kiss you good-night and leave the room (been trying not to let you get in the habit of falling asleep with me by your side), for the next 10 minutes or so we would hear loud humming, tapping kicking of your foot on the wall and when I would peek in your room, your eyes would be wide open! Then we would hear the footsteps running down the hallway and into the office “Hi guys!”….we would let you play computer games for another 10 minutes (did this only once) and … start cycle over. It was probably close to midnight before the house was perfectly still.  (But don’t feel too sorry for us that we have kids who are night owls…the upside to this is sleeping in with hubby until 8 or 9 on the weekend!)
Some more phrases we’ve been hearing lately: (I really can’t keep up!)
“It’s a wonderful day!” 
“member mommy?”
“Hold you, carry you (meaning ‘me’)”
“When Davieve bigger and older, play with me?”
After explaining to you that I can’t always carry you because you are getting heavy and mommy is getting old: “Not old, Be mommy ever (forever)”
I loooove nana bread (or anything else), it’s my favorite!”
“Mommy, come on (or Hurry up)!”
“Devieve hurt me” (Hmmm, really spicy A? because this is after you insist on putting your face literally touching her feet)
And the one that takes the prize…I was singing at the top of my lungs to over Nicole C. Mullen’s “Call on Jesus” in the car yesterday morning. After the song was over, feeling pretty good about my vocal cords, I confidently ask you if mommy has a good voice.
Hmmm, I think, you must not have heard me clearly…
M: “Alizea, do you like mommy’s singing?” 
A: “No!” This time shaking your head along with it just to cast any shadow of doubt in my mind & putting my ego right back where it belongs….
Aye, how I love you!

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  1. Haha. Brayden is too young to realize my singing sucks so I'm still ok for the time being ; ) Cant believe she can stay up the late. Thank God for cribs, thats all I gotta say. I am not looking forward to big boy bed time. Yuck!

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