Today was supposed to be a nice, relaxing ‘catch up’ day – after a quick trip away from home, I was in much need of some time to unload, unpack, wash, quality time with A after 2 days with Mimi, maybe a trio nap, etc. Well, after being up almost all night with an uncomfortable toddler, the day’s plans took a turn.  Just yesterday, Alizea began complaining of burning when she went pee pee, then last night her “privates” (as Dr Wong called them) got red and between coughing (that darn cold is lingering) and yelling every time she urinated, the Soto fam had a rough night. So instead of cartoons, coffe and PJs, our day began bright and early at the doctor’s office. Sooo, remember this?

Well, it’s possible (could be a number of reasons) that the lack of a proper water absorbent diaper (oops! Mommy faux pas. Note to self: have proper diapers for water play on-hand at all times, or let child remain in the nude) along with the interesting critters in this old, old grass and too much time in the non-water absorbent diaper caused poor spicy A to get a yeast infection! Never knew little girls can get them too, huh? Well, they are different from big girl yeast infections (according to doc) but still a good ole fungus friend. Anyway, all this to say that after an interesting (yes, that’s sarcastic) morning and very little patience on my part due to lack of sleep (seems like a reasonable excuse), momma was in desperate need of an escape and treat! With little time, as the tots were approaching their meltdown point, and little spending money, a trip to the discount fabric store right around the corner from the house did just the trick! I was extremely pleased with my findings for my next project:

Ever since the room addition was built, I’ve wanted the front living room and new family room to somehow coordinate, connect, flow yet still have their unique styles, colors, etc. It’s also been hard to find anything that goes with our muted green/grey/not sure what color it is couch. Now with coordinating fabric (which are actually the same, just different colored backgrounds) I think we are on our way! I also like how much the black one pairs with our already made (thanks mom!) zebra pillows:

As soon as I finish (& start) mom’s Mother’s Day gift, I’ll be able to focus on the finishing touches to our ever-changing home (hey, it’s only been 5 years since we moved in, give me a break! ha) ‘After’ pics coming soon (or eventually)

BIG points to Dean for bringing home a pizza from BJs for a mellow, no-cooking night in! Shhhh, he doesn’t know I just went there with Ita! hehe 


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