Road Trip

Problem: It was a sweats kind of day: Gloomy, drizzly, cloudy. 
Solutiuon: Head to Sun City for some rays of sunshine and girl time!

So here’s the deal. Ito is currently in Spain visiting Aunt Yoli & family. Ito tells my mom last time they web-cam’d “Take good care of her” speaking of his “tornillo” of 63 years! (Wow, what a gem of a couple they are to me) So in response, my mom promises that Ita would not spend one night alone. She had some things to take care of at home and Ita needed to get home to take care of some things as well. So it was the Soto gals turn to help out. Oh darn! I’m really going to miss the cooking and cleaning but I must make this sacrifice! ha! We won’t tell the hubby that we are being completely spoiled & relaxing while he is at home working two jobs! (Actually, for the record, yesterday morning I was a tad majorly frazzled trying to get all 3 of us packed while picking up the house & in time to hit the freeway before traffic started. Daddy called, calmed me down, told me not to worry about anything at home and to go and have a wonderful, relaxing time, simply enjoying Ita’s company. What a man! See girls, this is the kind of husband you deserve. Completely unselfish and selfless, not to mention hard-working) And that we are daddy… 

The perfect vacation wouldn’t be complete without a well-balanced meal to kick it off: fried chicken and a beer (my 1st full 1 in over a year!) for starters; Cole-slaw and potato fries to fulfill our vegetable portion; A biscuit (not loaded with butter and honey, of course) for some carbohydrate action and wait, we’re missing the fruit triangle on the food pyramid….Apple pie to the rescue!
And because we have to somehow earn our keep, Alizea had fun helping me pick up leaves this morning in their beautiful park-like backyard!
Thursday is approaching much too quickly… In the meantime, I hear a beeping. Dinner must be ready: Steamed rice, vegetables and Fillet Mignon is calling my name (oh and the girls got the memo about this being the “sleepy house” because they are snoozin’ like angels!) I truly don’t deserve this.

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