Memorable Moments

Well it’s back to reality. The house projects, chores, errands & injured hubby (courtesy of the Boeing Bball league, we’re not as young as we used to be honey) welcome me with open arms but before the rat race begins, I want to reflect on some memorable moments of our stay with Ita… 

  • Snuggling with Alizea on the couch in our PJs watching a classic cartoon that I used to watch as a child which happens to be one of her favorites as well. (talk about feeling old…) Can you guess which one? Not Smurf’s or Gummi Bears but good try…Alvin & the Chipmunks!     
  • Witnessing a beautiful relationship & friendship develop between my daughters & their great-grandma. Some examples:
  1. Ita went to the store. Upon realizing Ita was no longer in the room, Alizea begins roaming the house yelling “Itaaaaaaaa, Where are you? Where are you, Itaaaaaaa?!” When I explained she went to the store for some special goodies completely confident this will distract her and force some patience into the girl, she continues to yell, “Ita come back!!! Come back Itaaaaa!”
  2.  Smiling from ear to ear when I hear from the opposite side of the house my 81-year-old immigrant Grandma in her broken English say “Alizea, SuperWhy is starting”.  The mere fact that she knows the name of that cartoon & that it’s a favorite of hers says a lot about their special bond!
  3. Watching Ita rock Genevieve to sleep like a pro. There’s something tremendously beautiful about a newborn in the arms of one with such experience, wisdom and love. 
  • Seeing Alizea’s imagination & creativity blossom. It’s amazing how someone else’s kitchen can become quite the playroom:
Alizea building blocks with little cereal boxes:  

And if you’re wondering what’s so special about this next picture is, I’ll gladly explain…

She took 1 of the flat magnets from the refridge and ‘swiped’ it in the slot in between the 2 doors pretending it was a credit card! When I asked what she was doing, she explained that she was pretending to buy something at the store. Amazing! I hardly believed it myself!

Later, she was so intrigued at the working of my breast pump, she waited patiently (which is a rarity) and anxiously for it to fill up drop by drop so she could give her baby sister a “mook bobba”

When she got a little impatient (imagine that!) baby G decided to show off and feed herself, holding her bottle perfectly still! However, she had this look on her face as if to say “Don’t get any ideas mom. I’m not even 3 months old yet!”

Thank you Ita for a most memorable time together!

3 Responses to Memorable Moments

  1. So glad you had a nice time relaxing in the sleepy house. Priceless pictures of Alizea feeding G her bobba and giving her besitos! And are those matching outfits? I can only see the cute yellow tops…are their bottoms matching too?

  2. Umm ok, you're off the hook since we were on vacation. BUT, the next time you're in Sun City, you HAVE TO come visit us too! We're only a few miles away! 🙂 Glad you had a good time!

  3. Thanks Teets! yes, the shorts were matching too and the cutest part of the outfit! I'll make sure they wear them again and get a pic for our 'idea' 😉

    Mandi – haha, yeah you can't get mad this time! I totally talked about you guys to my Gma and pointed out where I thought you lived bc I'm pretty sure we were super close! Next time for sure, I'm out there a lot! Glad you have a good time too!!!! So jealous 😉

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