Jesus Is Risen, Alleluia!

                                                    A beautiful day indeed! We started the Easter celebration last night at the Vigil mass. Although it was over 2 hours, the girls cooperated quite well. Only one trip to the back to nurse ang get drenched in spit-up and a near fire incident (daddy saved the church by sacrificing his shirt when Alizea dropped the candle) but other than that, it went perfectly smoothly. This morning we slept in, I baked a corn casserole and a couple quiche’s and it was off to Mimi & Bapa’s house to continue the celebration! Alizea had a blast hunting for eggs, it was definitely a sight to see! We had a deliciously scrumptious enchilada feast and plenty of chocolate and candy to enjoy! There was so much joy and life in the air. Yes, Jesus is Risen and what does that mean? In Alizea’s words, “He is ALIVE!!!” I think we have started a neat little tradition for our family.
It only took about thirty pictures to get this half-way decent one…
Wishing you a beautiful Easter season!

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  1. Thanks Tita!!!! haha, I'm so cheezy with the outfits! I just can't resist. Might as well take advantage of the short time that I can actually pick out their outfits! hehe… Well, I can't actually take credit for the new title, that was all Dean. we were brainstorming together. ACtually, come to think of it, I think he came up with the 1st part, and I thought of the 2nd…go teamwork! I like it MUCH better! 🙂

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