It’s Official (A Dream Come True)

Well, I did it. It’s official. I can now technically change my title from Boeing Business Analyst to President & CEO of Soto Enterprises, er SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) Doesn’t the former sound so much more glamorous? Anyway, I digress.  Today I placed the call I’ve been dreading ever since Dean and I decided we would do whatever it took (short of selling his 3rd child, that is, his dear iphone) as well as stepping out in faith and trusting God for our needs to live on a single income. I have been so incredibly nervous to tell my boss I was not returning. When I stopped to analyze my anxiety over this, it wasn’t because I was worried about the financial implications of this decision (although it is a test of faith) nor because I feared his reaction like I initially thought, because we’ve talked prior about this being a very distinct possibility…Rather, I think I realized how much my work “family” has meant to me now that I know I will never (ok, very rarely, we are locked up in a top secret building) see them again! When I stop and think about it, I’ve spent more time with them in the past 5 years than I’ve spent with my own kids! In our BusOps group of about 15, we’ve been through marriages (to include mine), divorces, births, more births, retirements and deaths (of close family members and one in our own group, my cube neighbor actually, RIP Bill Kerr) and through it all, everyone individually and as a group has been so supportive, understanding, kind and respectful, sharing the joys and sorrows of life together. They are (to include every single person) such unselfish, generous, kind, genuine, hard-working yet FUN people to work with! We got to know each other so well we had nicknames for everyone. My boss has been so good to me, both professionally, giving me opportunities for exposure and growth as well as personally (working out the details so I could return to work part-time after having Alizea, etc). I will never forget how incredibly taken back I was walking into an amazing surprise baby shower they threw for me with my 1st pregnancy which was in a conference room covered in decorations and filled with the aromas of countless home-made dishes and where I was inundated with hand sewn/crocheted/knitted blankets, booties, towels, wonderful gifts and over $500 in gift card money! Talk about unselfish and generous! It was such a unique situation that in 5 years we, or at least I never had personal issues or “drama” with anyone. Just a very diverse group of people from all ages, ethnicity’s and backgrounds who knew how to treat others very well! Anyway, while I will miss each and every one of them dearly & think of them often as I have done while on leave, I am so incredibly excited, ecstatic and humbly grateful to my God (& my husband) for this new chapter of my life. It is truly a dream come true. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a mommy, have lots of kids and stay home with them. So while I work through some weird feelings of guilt of actually living out my dream, I feel so blessed to be able to do a lot of this…

while Dean works tirelessly doing a lot of that….

It just doesn’t seem fair…
To my amazing husband: Thank you for being such a courageous, humble, unselfish, noble man. You have stuck your neck out there, taken personal risk, put yourself in uncomfortable, new situations, been under stress, faced adversity for the sake of your family, all the while maintaining your joyful, loving spirit and still putting your ladies first. 

You have always pushed yourself to grow spiritually, personally and professionally and I am so confidant you will achieve your dreams! I am so proud of you for the provider and the leader that you are and will always stand beside you. You are the rock of our family. Thank you for making my dreams come true. I love you! 

And because it was such a special, fun time, here are some more precious moments of our time at Central Park today with Bapa while on his annual field trip with his students!

C’est La Vie!

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  1. Yeah!!!! Congrats on your promotion to Pres & CEO! We both have reasons to celebrate this week!! Thanks to God for helping me through yet another tax season and for blessing you with this opportunity for special time with your precious angels 🙂

  2. Oh congrats to you for making the call, despite how scary it might have been. BUT you didnt say what your boss said to you!!! What was his reaction?

  3. Yay Tita – another year down! Score! Hopefully your free Sbux Coffs (thanks to carrie) was extra strong today! 😉 Love you!

    Care – I totally realized that after I published – he was so supportive and understanding which wasn't surprising which was why it was so hard! i'm really gonna miss them! 🙁 bittersweet!

  4. Well thats good that he took it well and wasnt mad or disappointed in you! But I can totally see what you mean by bittersweet. Its like for the past 15 years you have had all these "work friends" and part of you has associated WHO you are by being a working girl. And now, your life has changed and instead of a "working in an office" kinda girl, you are a "working my butt off in the home" kinda girl. Very, very weird transition! I am totally not ready for that!! But I am very proud of you. Now your heart can be happy, doing what you TRULY love full time!

  5. Marisa, What a joy it is to learn more about you and who you are through your insightful, reflective writings! I stand in amazement and awe at your mature, and on-target observations about life, priorities and relationships. Your transparency is most refreshing in a world of deception and lack of conviction. Your humility and willingness to affirm and acknowledge others in your life is very revealing about who you are. I am so proud of the woman, mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter and wife you dedicate yourself to every waking moment of your life. I love you, Dad

  6. Oh my goodness, when did you start a blog? Yay, now I can enjoy your day-to-days! BTW, LOOOVE the matchy matchy outfits with the girls… so fun!

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