Holy Toys

Alizea’s new creative play (all on her own doing, might I add) includes dunking her “Little People” into the baptismal font (1 of Genevieve’s gifts) and blessing them with the sign of the cross…. hilariously adorable! The convo went something like this as I was doing dishes…
M: Alizea, Are you baptizing your Little People? 
A: Yeah, ehhh ehhh Davieve (interpretation = Yes, like Genevieve) 
M: And why are you putting Holy Water on your Little People?
(long pause, no response, this is surely too complex for a child less than 3 yrs old I think to myself….Hmmm….rephrase?…before I can even think of an alternate question she pipes up!)
A: Because Jesus is Risen! 
(we’ve been going over & over the concept of the Passion of our Lord/Easter
/the Resurrection for the past week or so) 
Imediately, I thought to myself that she was just repeating a fun phrase that she’s learned  and then a little nudge from above (you know, that soft yet powerful whisper) quickly quieted my pride and added life to her words…. Ahhh….How right you are dear…why do we do anything in this life? because Jesus is Risen! We get up every morning and go through each and every day for the hope of eternal life, to partake in the heavenly banquet with our Maker and Savior! Wow, I am constantly reminded that in addition to teaching, I must be a student as well! 
“Let the children come to me, do not prevent them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
  Amen, I say to you, whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it.” Mark 10: 15

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  1. I may be overly emotional or something but your post made me cry. I love the words of our little ones. And just when we think they dont "get it" we find out they do! Thats why Jesus tells us to have the innocense and faith of a child. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks!!

  2. Ita, Mom and I just looked at the blog and it brought smiles and laughs a many. We look forward to reading and seeing more about you and our precious Alizea and Genevieve. Thank you for allowing us to enter your mind and view. It's absolutely amazing how perceptive, appreciative and loving you are. Love you, Ita, Mom and Dad

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