BIG Girls don’t cry!

Today, we challenged ourselves. Genevieve was the leader of the pack. She got her work-out gear on (ok, I helped a little), and headed to the ‘gym’ to work off some of her forearm chub by smacking her dangling rattles one arm at a time (a ‘first’ which was so neat to see). I have also started imposing lots of tummy time for some additional upper body work-out. As she grunted and groaned, I’m pretty sure I saw one of the 10 rolls from her back disappear before my eyes! She also did some ‘upside down’ crawling, or scooting on her back. The girl travels. She started off here…

I went to the kitchen for no more than a couple minutes and when I returned, she was here:

Next up, BIG sis. Within just this week, she has been very interested, curious and cooperative with sitting on the potty. Although she wears her diapers out & about still, she gladly tried and successfully emptied herself (you get the point) in the church bathroom yesterday, along with many successes in her mini-potty at home. There have been some accidents but I think this time might be the real deal. (shoot, it better be, she’ll be 3 in less than 3 months and I’m running up against my self-imposed deadline!) Like her Dr. said though, it’s not her will against mine on this one, it’s her vs. the diaper (dun dun dun) so naturally, I’ve been bad mouthing and trash talking that thing as creatively as I can think of so she’ll want nothing to do with it!
As for BIG momma, these girls are hard to keep up with but I challenged my bod with some  push-ups, sit-ups and squats today as I cheered them on reaching a milestone myself: I’m in the single digit number of pounds left to loose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. As in, less than 10 pounds to go. So, 41 pounds down in just under 4 months. Not too shabby, eh? But oh my, still so flabby! Five weeks left until the onset of bathing suit season. Eek!!! Not that I need to worry about showing off a flat tummy. Pretty sure I’ll be covering up those stretch marks in a one piece this year, tear.  Anyway, I also worked the brain muscle forcing myself to thread that bobbin several times from memory.  My first sewing projects ever revealed
(minus Mom’s present in case she visits here before Mother’s Day):

The big one is reversible (I know, I’m so fancy, hehe. And no, I didn’t mean for the little one to look like it’s wearing a corset! Guess I need more practice in making straight a stitch)

And after all that hard work, some well earned ‘down’ time relaxing together, watching a video:
(oh yes G, I can see the results, BIG time!

Apparently, spicy A thinks baby sister = personal pillow. Poor G!

Good job ladies! We all challenged each other and it felt good! You make me proud!

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  1. Yay for the pillow making! I am totally gonna attempt some soon, maybe next weekend with the mom in law. And congrats on the weight loss! I still have like 12 to go and B was born almost 2 years ago. There is just something about the hips & stuff that wont fit back into old jeans…Boo! Oh and the 3rd thing I wanted to say was…WOW chubba thighs Ms G. I was thinking how I havent held her since the hospital! I guess the other 3 times we saw you since then, she was sleeping. When I saw these pics, I got the urge to hold her and squeeze the chub. Guess that means we gotta hang out SOOOOOOONNNNN! XOXO

  2. Oh my gosh, how adorable are the pics with A and G dressed alike!! I'm so amazed as to how much G changes almost daily. Congrats so much, Marisa, on the awesome job you're doing with reaching your body sculpting goals. It isn't necessary, but I know it's important to you, so keep up the good work! Thanks so much for keeping me updated on what's going on with you guys. It's been almost a week since I've seen you and I feel like it's been a month. I had a very busy week this past week, with something going on every day after school, so I wasn't able to stop by. Your blog feeds me just what I need! Love you, Dad

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