Back on Track

Well, as both my sissies pointed out to me, (which, by the way, makes me feel good and special that you anticipate and enjoy the updates) I have been lagging on this blog writing…I like to call it blogger’s block. And it doesn’t help that our “schedule” (loosely used) has been way off the last couple of days. It all started Sunday night when I was on my selfish sewing kick and I completely forgot I was a mommy with responsibilities. Since Alizea was yet again enjoying her computer time and rather quietly, I lost track of time and before I knew it, it was 11pm, Oops! It was nice to sleep in on Monday until 9:30 but the vicious cycle began… 
Monday: spent the day at Mimi’s and Bapa’s welcoming Ito back, hearing about his adventures and highlights, opening special gifts from Spain and getting extra lovin’ (all three of us!) Alizea was so excited to be amongst, arguably, her four biggest fans that she didn’t nap…until we hopped in that coma inducing ride, er, the van, whereby she passed out. Big problema: It was already and only 5pm. Despite Dean and my efforts to wake her, (we tried everything shy of splashing cold water in her face) she would have NO part, (at times, she would wake and then fall right back into a deep sleep) ….until 7:30pm! Although we adults enjoyed a nice, peaceful dinner together, big trade-off was a child who didn’t go to bed until 12:30am! Ok, so at this point I’m trying to convince myself that the 4 pillows I made were totally worth the exhausting loooong day…Hmm, really???
Tuesday: slightly better…we awake at 8:30, have breakfast and head to IKEA and Costco. Again, Alizea doses off right as we pull into our track and I was totally confident she would transfer inside or worse case, if she awoke, welcome her nap after running through two huge mega-stores. Wrong! Apparently the 90 seconds of sleep was plenty to give her that 2nd wind! To my amazement, she remembered the water paints we bought at IKEA and perked up begging and pleading, “I play paint?”. Because it was going on 2pm and I was on the verge of fainting due to lack of food consumption and sweet G was sharing in my hunger pains, I compromised with the thought in mind that once all tummies were full, there would be no more excuses! Then, just as I’m cleaning up and mentally preparing for the possible struggle I’m about to face with forced nap-time, I see our dear neighbor Yvonne crossing the street to come love on the girls….Now before you accuse me of being a total weakling parent with no structure, take a look at the pictures. How can you turn your back on and say no to ‘Granny’??? That would be just plain cruel. She absolutely adores the girls (not to mention I always feel uplifted, encouraged and less anxious after talking with her).

So, nap time got pushed to 4pm (since a bath was mandatory) with a bedtime of 11pm. 
Which bring me to today: I awake at 8am, to the most adorable, high-pitched, squeaky voice next to me (I have no idea how nor when she got into our bed): “Good Morning Mommy, It’s wake up time!” Sweet G awakens an hour later. We feed all mouths, get dressed and head to church. Mommy needs some heavenly motivation, big time. Pulling into the church parking lot, I partake in a cute theological dialogue with Alizea:

A: It’s church!
M: Yup, we’re going to visit Jesus and Mama Mary and the Saints
A: And God?!?!
M: Yes, sweetheart (chuckling out loud) and the Holy Spirit.
A: And baby Jesus!
(…the beginnings of explaining the Trinity to my child. Hmmm, I’ll need a couple years lifetimes to come up with that one…) 

After feasting (literally) on Jesus’ love, peace and joy, we ran an errand and headed home. Nap time was somewhere between 2:30-3 with a bedtime of just before 10pm. We’re back on track (Although, I have been trying for over 2 years now to bump that time up to 8pm or heck, I’ll take 9!) Anyway, I can honestly say I was still able to enjoy every moment, even the frustrating ones, and trust me, there were many. (I just start laughing, out loud, it really works!) Here are some highlights over the last couple of days:

I love the clinched fist showing her passion and intensity perfectly.
Just an adorable profile. Those lips!

Anyone that knows this girl well, knows that ‘open mouth’ concentrated look. Again, passion and intensity!

  I think my jaw dropped when I saw this. I was seriously SO impressed and proud of her masterpiece. (I think it’s a cross between a bear and lion even though she insisted it was a self portrait) From the focus, enjoyment and talent I saw yesterday, we may have a future artist on our hands.

The brush painting quickly turned into finger/hand painting…

which then turned into body painting!

I know, Alizea, those cheeks are irresistible!

No, this was not posted by mistake. This would be the best (if I may say so, myself) home-made, juicy cheeseburger with bacon, mushrooms, avocado and did I mention, cheese? (cheddar AND american) A definite highlight given that I skipped lunch and savored every bite in complete silence!

Okay, this is just hilarious because it depicts the interaction between these two perfectly! I think the look on G’s face expresses what she is thinking a lot of the time about her big sis. Spicy A, giggling at some mischief she’s always getting herself into.  In other words, G: Help me!!!!! Someone?!?!?!, ANYONE!!?!?!?! 
A: Muahahaha!!!!!!

And then there’s this… which just makes me feel unworthy. I’m so in love with them!
So sissies, hopefully, I more than made up for my “break” 😉 I love you two!

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  1. Marisa, You have quite a talent at getting the most candid, adorable,expressive pictures of the girls. The expressions Alizea makes are absolutely priceless!! Do I sound like a biased Grandpa?!? And the pictures of Yvonne really tugged at my heart as I saw Grandma in those pictures and know how much joy and pride she would be feeling if she were only here. The painting, finger painting, foot painting and body painting pictures were so heartwarming to see because they reminded me of what a fantastic mother you are. Always putting your kids first with so many unselfish experiences will pay huge dividends in all the years to come in A's and G's life. OUTSTANDING!! Love you, Dad

  2. Back on track…no more bloggers block! Got to read this post while on vacation and it brought a big smile to my face imagining the adventures of the Soto clan! Those girls sure are lucky to have YOU as their mom!! Love you too!

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