Aren’t these the cutest hair clips? They are courtesy of Auntie Kathy & a very generous gift I might add upon finding out how much these things sell for. It was quite comical the exchange that went on when I misunderstood that they were intended for Alizea because she thought Genevieve was bald! Needless to say, they are both playing in style and we’ve even got every color (even black and all shades of the rainbow!) I just love having girls! 

The other thing I’ve been trying to accessorize is our front living room. We’ve had a barren wall for only 5 years now (which happens to be the first wall you see when you walk in the front door, probably the reason for my indecisiveness) so I finally decided to get creative and save some money in the meantime. So I gathered all the frames I had collected over time and am spray painting them all black (some were gold, white, etc) It’s a work in progress but the goal is a family gallery conversation piece! I’m currently stuck on some decisions I’m faced with now that I’ve got the hanging part done (matte vs. no matte, b&wh, color or sepia tinted photos or a combo, etc). If you have any suggestions or opinions or ideas, PLEASE throw them out there!


And lastly, this room needs some furniture. Our ideal is a nice, soft, comfy leather love seat in either espresso or black and a pair of chairs to create the perfect reading/sitting by the fireplace over some wine or hot cocoa with good friends room…but for now since we are on a limited budget these days and my patience is running thin, this will have to do (thanks to the good ole can of spray paint) …

Finished room complete with accessories coming soon….

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