A SUPER Girls Date

Just like a SUPER Kmart or SUPER Target has a good reason for the special title, this was a SUPER Girls outing due to the three generation factor and of course having the matriarch of the family present! What a perrrrrfect way to end Ita’s last day as a bachelorette enjoying a spa pedicure….Ahhh, to be there again:

So many choices but the winners are:

 Can you guess which foot…

belongs to which face? 

Please do not look too closely….I am the only one with NO make-up on (due to dashing out of the house immediately after b-feeding and before the sleeping toddler awoke, forgetting my secret bag of beautifying products in the bathroom).
A SUPER Good time indeed!!!

2 Responses to A SUPER Girls Date

  1. Maris and Miranda, You two definitely have the "relaxation" faces DOWN in the 1st photo 🙂 I love the group photo of 4 up above! Que guapas!

  2. Marisa, The memories you are creating with Ita as well as with Mom and Miranda, are much more important than you probably realize, although, I'm sure your incredible maturity allows you to understand their value. These times you so unselfishly give to everyone around you will come back to you in more ways and forms than you can imagine. I so admire your ability to give, give, and then give more. You have always, from a very young age, thought of others before yourself, and you still do it today. Thank you so much for all the joy you bring to so many of your family and friends through your unselfish consideration and loving concern. Love you, Dad

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