A Rosey kind of day

It’s no wonder why my Grandmother was named after such a timeless, stunning flower…
Her name means “rose garden” or “garland of roses” and she is simply…. beautiful
Yes, we are back in Sun City, this time less the sunshine and one child but I can’t say enough about this quality time with my ‘Ita’… We’ve shared much in the past 24 hours: prayer time, laughter; tears (alright, it was only me, watching The Ultimate Gift); lots of interacting with Genevieve (she is quite the talker these days); what she misses most about her “tornillo”; learning she was born in a country and time when Christians were being persecuted and she had to be secretly baptized underground; hearing memories and funny stories of my great-Grandma (what a character! The 1st time the woman wore make-up besides the fat from boiled milk, visited a beauty salon, and finally tried on a pair of pants after much nagging from her daughter, she was more than 60 years old ); what it was like to live in a time with no stoves, refrigeration (yup, you got it! daily trips to the market) or washing machines, and this was with 4 kids under the age of five; how she & my Ito raised 8 kids on 1 income in the OC and how she remained faithful to God and His will after she had to bury a child and without her husband by her side.
This woman has so much wisdom. Not wisdom that comes from living on this earth for 80+ years, birthing nine children and being self-educated (never went to school past the 2nd grade) but wisdom  that comes from knowing God through lots and lots of prayer. 
Perhaps the best thing I learn from Ita is how to live in the moment. The more time I spend with her, the more I want to know, the more I discover about myself and the more I see who I want to become. Now that is a good friend! To my excitement, we have a lot in common:
Our love fore babies/children….

and for BJ’s/pazookies (ha!)
At some point while I was taking these shots of baby G (trying to capture her chubbyness), it hit me again….

Had my Grandparents not come to California to give their children a better life (which was no easy task), my mom would not have met my dad, I would not be here, I would not have met Dean and my beautiful Alizea and Genevieve would not be here either. Now that’s something to ponder…

PS – On a side note, today Dean got word from the company he has been negotiating with for over 2 weeks/waiting to hear from, that they accepted his proposal! God is good!!! All the time!!! (and not just because He has blessed us financially either – this is a reminder for future (inevitable) difficult times that our faith is not dependent upon outward signs/blessings)

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  1. Yes, decisions made decades ago affect our lives even today!! I often think of the hand of God in so many things that we are unaware of. I often think of where we are today being the culmination of countless decisions and actions of those who came before us. These memories you are creating with your dear Ita are what life is all about-spreading and sharing love!! I'm absolutely convinced that your presence and interactions with Ita give her life, inspiration and joy. Thank you for being so unselfish with yourself and your family. Dad

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