A Good Friday Indeed

 Can you guess what we did today???

This morning was one of the few times that I didn’t have anything in particular planned to do…I figured with the massive amounts of laundry I’ve been putting off and the unpredictable weather, I could use the time at home. However, 
No plan + energetic toddler = major stress. 
Thankfully, we are blessed with a handful of parks within walking distance, one inside our track! And when I asked Alizea if she wanted to partake in the park experience, she exclaimed with the excitement as if someone just told me I won the lottery! So, for the next 10 minutes or so, I scurried quickly to empty all the trash, get all 3 of us dressed & groomed and pack the double stroller limo with all the necessities (nursing cover, blankets, jackets, snacks, water and of course my cafecito! Can’t leave home without that) before the little miss changed her mind (she is a female, after all) 

I don’t know about the girls but I had a blast! At one point, however, I was holding a 15 pound baby to my breast with one arm while pushing a 36-pounder in the swing with my other arm. Whew! Serious work out on the upper body! One of the highlights of the outing was Alizea yelling “Ta-da!” at the sandcastle we worked long and hard on: 

 Then we ventured off to the grocery store and back home for nap time! In the evening, we got an unexpected visit from “Nee-nee” which is sure to bring plenty of squeals, laughter and wine sippin’!
It was a good day. I cherished the time with my children in a special way, I got a nice long power walk in, I remembered every item on my grocery list (without writing anything down, which is always a big feat), I attacked the dreaded laundry and actually got all 4 loads washed, folded and put away (world record!), all the while pondering the incredible, amazing, beautiful, hard-to-ponder work that our Lord and Savior and God did for each and every one of us in dying on the cross so that not only could we experience joy and peace in this life but also the promise of the next…

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