Two months

It’s hard to believe you are already 2 months old, sweet G. You are a complete and utter joy and blessing to our family! You were conceived at such a challenging time in our marriage, immediately after daddy’s return from a year-long separation. It was difficult to be pregnant when we were adjusting and transitioning to family life again & getting to know each other as all 3 of us had changed tremendously. I even remember questioning God’s timing at times. It was a tad stressful to say the least…..but then you came.

You have such a sweet, calm, peaceful demeanor. You bring such balance to our family.
-You are very ‘easy-going’: I am amazed & very impressed at how well you respond to big sisters’ rough love, the countless pokes and probes, scratches and yes, bites (or rather, bite in the singular – pretty sure she won’t be doing that again after her ration of consequences).  If you are awakened by very loud, screeching voice in your ear, rather than cry you open your eyes to see what’s going on and without a change in expression, close them and go right back to sleep!
I can already tell you will be very mature beyond your years:
-You have a clear way of expressing precisely your need (or I’m just getting better at this motherly instinct thing).
-My prediction is you will be a tad more reserved than big sis (although that’s not saying much –ha!). I can already tell you will enjoy your alone time.  In fact, I believe often you prefer to be put down over being held. If you are held too much you squirm and fuss & then when I put you down you seem to calm down and relax (another HUGE difference from baby numero uno)
-Your big sis had some troubles with bowel movements and passing gas but not you! From day one, you would grunt and groan and push and tighten your tiny little abdominal muscles until you relieved yourself. Daddy and I got some good laughs at your adorably representative facial expressions!
-Your smile reminds us of Alizea’s. It is big and bright and alone can bring tears of joy to my eyes on a rough (or not so rough) day!
You are also social and love the interaction and attention of others. We’ve also caught a laugh (sorta like a cackle) from time to time.
-You love your sleep: You have been so generous to daddy and me from day 1. You have gradually increased your sleep stretches from 4-5 hrs (in the 1st 4 wks) to 8-9 hrs (4-6wks) and are now consistently sleeping 10-11 hours at night without a single peep. It is SO very different from what we experienced with 1st born that your Dr. had to assure us that this was a clear sign of your personality and temperament and to enjoy the peace rather than worry.
 -You are so patient: I know this because even when you are hungry you squirm and find your thumb to hold you off instead of wailing instantly, increasing in intensity like some other child would do (not to mention any names, ahem).  And when you start to get upset, just the sound of my voice seems to calm you as if you already understand waiting and trusting.
I am still amazed to this day how infrequently you cry and when you do, it’s such a soft, sweet, muffled cry (unlike the ear-piercing scream of that of your big sister!)
You are so beautiful and we treasure you & love you with all of our soul!

  Anyway, happy 2 months of life! You are such an easy, perfect baby and you are the single reason I almost already feel ready to have another one! I said almost...

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