Spicy & Sweet

(referring to the title,) Can you guess which one is which?

Well, I’ve been saying it from the moment Genevieve entered the world….These babies are complete opposites! It may sound a bit premature for me to speak so boldly on this issue but TRUST me, they could not be more different. From the labor/delivery experience and length to the hair color and texture to the soothing techniques to the way they respond to being tired, hungry and the like, we’ve got quite the variety (or balance) in our home. There IS one thing however very similar in both of them and that is the love they share for each other that I see each and every day. It always catches me by surprise and fills me with so much joy to see Alizea smothering being so affectionate with little G, holding her hand, caressing her face or kissing her cheek (out of the blue). You can see the love bursting out of her from the squinting of her eyes to the puckering of those full lips! And I am always taken back at how often what I think will result in a cry from sis’s yells or man-handling is instead a big grin from such a little babe! I am so excited to see these two girls develop into the very best of friends and how they will compliment each other just like a good sweet & spicy dish. However, I am already preparing myself for the challenge of helping them learn how to appreciate and respect each others differences and learn from each other! They both teach me more about myself than I could ever learn on my own! 

(Note: You may hear these nicknames mentioned more often now as I was so proud of myself for coming up with them! ha! Gotta make yourself laugh somehow when you’re home alone all day) 

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