Pray Hard, Play Hard

Today, we met our good friends, Tina, Claire and “Jon Jon” at SPC for noon mass. With 2 toddlers and 2 nursing babes, we were quite the spectacle (thank God for those “cry rooms”) To reward the kiddos for using their “quiet church voice” and remaining still for an hour, we headed to the park for some relaxing mommy time and Vitamin D for all.
All four babies did wonderfully, giving us plenty of adult time. Here are some highlights of Alizea with her very good friend, Claire. 

(not pictured: Alizea’s face and hands covered in chocolate after finding some buried treasures, aka, previously owned M&Ms in the sand! Majorly Gross! I wasn’t sure whether to be terrified or laugh hysterically! I can’t blame her, the girl can sniff the chocolate out of anywhere, just like her momma!)

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