My little big helper

Tonight I had help in the kitchen. In fact, lately, spicy A has become quite the little baker and chef. While taking the bell peppers out of the bag to rinse and cut, she held up one of them toward my face and very loudly and proudly exclaimed “Look mommy, a little Davieve!”
It’s good to know that she is thinking of her sister, even upon seeing a tiny red vegetable!
(She got a kick out of my surprise smiley faces – lots of belly laughs that even peaked daddy’s curiosity from the other room) 
Although I think she looks pretty darn adorable in my over-sized apron, this photo is definitely inspiration for my 1st sewing project…stay tuned…The bad boy has actually made its way out of the box…Now I just have to plead mom or Miranda for a sewing 101 crash course!

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